Formerly known as Girly Girl Geek Designs

Below are Just a Few of my most recent creations...

Style By Kelli

Kelli’s services were unique, so she needed a website that fit her travelling cosmetology services. We worked together to build her the beautiful website she envisioned.

EmPowerment Sales Page

A sales page for this zine needed to be highly creative. By utilizing actual artwork from the Zine artist, it reflected both artist and purpose.

Legal Blawg

The owner of the long running legal blog, MyShingle, had a certain design in mind. We worked together to implement her vision in the redesign.

Virtual Assistant Website

The 24 Hour Secretary was looking to update the design of their WordPress Website. Working together we gave it a sharper, cleaner look that was easier to navigate.

School Librarian Site

As school librarian for two different elementary schools, Mrs. Sibya needed a website with a portal page, allowing visitors to choose which school they wanted information for.  I created just what she needed so that both schools could access their library info quickly and easily

Political Campaign Website

In 2017 I was asked to create my first WordPress website for a political candidate.  With donate buttons an event calendar and more, it worked perfectly for the campaign.

Paralegal Association Website

I’ve had several paralegal associations hire me to design and build new websites for their organizations. They understood the importance of having an up to date, user-friendly website for their members and sponsors

Design Only

Sometimes a client will come to me for design only. In this case, the client already had a WordPress developer on board to create the site, but needed someone to design it. I was able to work together with the client and developer to create exactly what they were looking for.