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Why Choose T. Marie Hilton? What's Different?

  • Communication. The number one complaint people have about their web designers is problems with communication. Either they don't respond quickly to requests, ignore their input or are practically impossible to get in touch with once the website is done.  I understand how important being able to reach your web designer and get a quick response is.
  • A keen understanding of how to turn an idea into a design element.Because I've been using WordPress for so many years to create websites, I know which themes, plugins, CSS coding or combinations are needed to get the desired results.  I understand how to utilize them to create just about any website layout trend or unique design out there.
  • Design input and suggestions.Some web designers will add any graphic or element you want, even if it's totally out of place on your new site.  Others will just refuse to add something you want without explanation.  I promise to be honest with you about your ideas for graphics, elements and to a certain extent, web copy.  If you send over a graphic that doesn't mesh with the design I'll let you know and help you find something that does.  If you send over your web copy and it's way too lengthy or filled with jargon and industry speak, I'll ask some questions to be sure your target audience is going to understand or have the patience to read it all.  I even have access to a great wordsmith if you want to include their services in your website design package.
  • We won't stop until we get it right.Most web development companies and web designers limit the number of client revisions. You and I will work together from the beginning so that you love your design at its creation. But what if you decide it needs a color change here or a font change there?  There's no need to keep track of how many changes you need.  I call them 'design tweaks' and it's part of working hand in hand with you to create a website you love.  Chances are there won't be many anyway, since we'll be working together all along the way to get it right in the first place. Design tweaks are of course limited to your currently chosen design, but in the event you need a more drastic change, we'll talk about the most cost effective way to implement a total overhaul.
  • Reasonable rates:You'll find WordPress web designers at a lower cost, but you won't find someone with the in-depth knowledge and experience for less. In fact, many comparable designers charge in the five figure range. With template based designs a great website is within anyone's reach.